Mehak Sheikh

Hi there, my name is Mehak Sheikh (pronounced Meh-Heck Shake), I am a connector by nature, and a facilitator by nurture. As a 24-year old woman (I use she/her pronouns) from Melbourne’s Western suburbs, I identify as a fourth-generation Kenyan background with Muslim Punjabi heritage, currently residing on unceded lands of the Woiwurrung, Boonrwrung, Wathaurrung, Daungwurrung and Dja Dja Wrung people. All of this guides my existence in the world.

I am driven by my passion for systems change, community and youth-led voice and education. I am also influenced to engage in social justice causes by hearing from of my peers and my own lived-experiences of being a young person from a migrant background living in Melbourne (Naarm).

Having trained in Psychology (Hons) and published works on acculturation attitudes in education for migrant communities, my expertise lies intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, emotional intelligence, accessible capacity building and advocacy. When I’m not indulging in painting or working my “day-job”, I will often be working on these projects.

In all my work, I hope to contribute in the development of a fair, equitable and sustainable society.

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