Conscious consultancy and holistic perspective on community

Community is key, but harnessing it can be tricky. For Mehak, connection comes naturally.
Mehak standing with crossed arms smiling

Providing out-of-the-box perspectives and conscious consultancy services


With lived experience and expertise in a number of identities and professional roles, Mehak is proud to provide conscious insight on topics including mental health, social impact, culture, idea generation and leadership.


As someone who has worn many different hats, Mehak boasts a unique ability to see situations from a holistic perspective. She is dedicated to breaking down barriers, providing unique insight and helping individuals think outside of their own experiences to make ripples in the community.


With a knack for bringing people together as a connector or trainer, Mehak makes it easy to tackle shared goals with her unique lived experience. Partnering with new and existing organisations to facilitate workshops, experiences and sessions relevant to the community-centred goals they want to achieve, Mehak is a confident and connected facilitator with a wealth of experience under her belt.

Facilitating social impact with non-profits, governments and corporate organisations

Community impact starts with connection. For Mehak, that’s her bread and butter.