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Something for Non-profits, Governments and Corporates

I Love facilitatING social impact and capacity building programs.

8 Fun Facts

  1. I eat my crisps (no, not potato chips) with hot sauce
  2. Painting & applying mehndi makes me feel the most present
  3. My go-to podcast is always 99% invisible 
  4. I have been to five schools and two universities
  5. Psychological thrillers are the best movie genre
  6.  I ask a lot of “..but why?” questions
  7. My fiancé and I make mocktails for fun
  8. I am afraid of rollercoasters and moths
Something for Readers, Writers, Speakers and Content Producers

I Love talking about culture, leadership and mental health.

[Upcoming Post]: Who is our Community?

On friendship, identity and more..

Not the end of the road, just a changed direction

…I would just like to start by grounding myself in why I am here…

Area of Expertise!

I can speak on the value of connecting diverse communities to each other as well as addressing issues within a specific community

I can speak on the processes and impact of approaching issues and solutions from a systems lens, power dynamics and interconnectedness

I can speak on the underlying principles on effective and impactful community engagement with young people and communities of colour

I can speak on topics that apply to learning across the age and life experience spectrum


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Something for Young People, Women and Migrant Communities


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